12' Fazackerley clinker dinghy

Little Chook was built in 1963 by prolific and well known Tasmanian dinghy builder Reg Fazackerley. She is planked in king billy pine on Huon ribs with a NZ Kauri transom.  We restored this boat for the current owner a few years back and she is a delightful fishing/pleasure dinghy.

 Fazackerley dinghy pre-restoration
Fazackerley dinghy pre-restoration 2
 Fazackerley dinghy before restoration  Plenty of work to do here!

During her restoration first all paint and putty was removed.

 The makers mark  removing years of old paint
 The makers initials - RF 1963  removing years of paint to reveal the king billy planking
 NZ Kauri slowly revealed  
aft thwart detail
 NZ Kauri transom slowly revealing itself  Huon pine aft thwart detail

A new transom frame, 7 new ribs and a couple of plank splits were repaired. 

the worst part - scraping paint of the interior
 all cleaned up and broken ribs removed
 The worst part to do - the interior  All cleaned up and broken ribs removed
 new transom frame
new ribs and paint
 new celery top pine  partial transom frame  new ribs and paint - getting somewhere now!

The boat has been re-painted and the bright work has been oiled for lower maintenance.  There is a wonderful age patina where she is finished bright and the rear Huon thwart is just stunning.  She now has a new lease on life for another 20+ years.  

waterline detail waterline detail2
 a proper clinker waterline   a proper clinker waterline
 aft thwart detail
knee detail
 aft thwart detail - lovely patina  she oak knee detail - oil finish
 complete on the water  complete on the water2
 all complete and back in her element  good for another 20 years

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