6 Reasons why you should purchase your BS1088 Marine plywood from Denman Marine
1. Unlike the majority of companies selling plywood, our core business is wooden boat building therefor we know our products and materials.

2. Unlike the majority of companies selling plywood in Australia we are not happy to sell poor quality, non standard compliant BS1088 plywood at premium prices. We refuse to do it as we value our reputation and also the time and effort you as a client will be putting into your boat.

3. Unlike the majority of companies selling plywood in Australia every Bruynzeel plywood order is hand picked by a professional boat builder to suit your project. If you need advice on what is needed for your boat please contact us
to discuss your requirements.

5. Unlike the majority of companies selling plywood in Australia we can save you many hours on your build with complimentary advice on your project.

6. Bruynzeel Hechtout is the best quality BS1088 Gaboon plywood available in Australia bar none. Bruynzeel Hechtout carries Lloyd's Register certification of standard compliance and is backed by a 10 year structural guarantee so why buy anything else?

BS1088 Marine Plywood Sales and Pricing

Denman Marine is the sole Australian importer and re-seller of Bruynzeel Hechthout marine plywood to both amateur and professional boat builders with the following sizes being stocked. Prices are per sheet* and include GST;

Thickness # of plies Price per sheet inc GST
4mm 3 $90
5mm 3 $120
6mm 5 $130
9mm 5 $160
12mm 7 $210
15mm 9 $230
18mm 11 $260
25mm 13 $340

(* Note These prices are current as of August 2016 but are subject to change.)
*Trade pricing available to genuine trade customers
*bulk buy discount on large orders available (min pack qty)

We also stock a Bruynzeel exterior 3mm 3 ply BB faced with an A bond (same as marine plywood) which is perfect for smaller lightweight projects and it is $70 per sheet including GST.

When comparing prices, be aware that our sheet sizes are larger than most at 2500 x 1220 which is 3.05 square metres compared to 2.88 square metres for a metric standard sheet of 2400 x 1200.

Freight to any mainland destination is very competitive and becomes more economical the larger the order. We have shipped thousands of sheets of plywood all over Australia including to Darwin, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney plus a host of regional destinations as well.

Every client can be provided with a copy of the Lloyds Register Certificate with their order on request, otherwise it can also be downloaded via the link below.

Lloyd's Register Certificate for Bruynzeel Hechthout marine plywood

If you are in market for marine plywood you will mostly be dealing with people who do not use the product they sell. At Denman Marine, we use Bruynzeel in our boats and we can answer any question on boat building with this product you would like to ask. We also offer a free boat building information service to all our plywood clients that can save you hundreds of hours on a large build.

When comparing Bruynzeel Hechthout plywood to other products be sure you are comparing apples with apples. Many of the imported plywoods in Australia purport to be BS1088 compliant but in reality fall very short of the standards. If the sheets are not marked in accordance with the standard and your supplier cannot provide you with a certificate of compliance to the standard then you are no doubt paying a high price for a product that really should not be going into a boat.

Bruynzeel Hechthout Marine Plywood is a Gaboon/okoume throughout plywood panel with selected gaboon/okoume cores and is manufactured in compliance with the British Marine Plywood Standard BS1088-1:2003. The plywood carries Lloyds Register type approval and also carries a 10 year structural guarantee against defects being the only BS1088 plywood in Australia to do so.

You can view the Bruynzeel marine plywood solutions brochure here.

For further information on what you should look for in marine plywood take a look at our BS1088 information page.

Bruynzeel Hechthout Marine Plywood is suited for all forms of marine construction where plywood is specified and with its high quality face veneers is also suitable for clear finishing.

So if you are building a boat and want the best BS1088 Gaboon plywood in Australia please contact us as we'd be more than happy to provide you with a quote.

Denman Marine specialises in custom wooden boat building and repair. We utilise both traditional methods such as carvel or clinker and modern methods such as strip planking, cold molding or clinker plywood.

We can custom build to any design - for example those by Iain Oughtred, David Payne, Paul Gartside, John Welsford, Mark Bowdidge, Francois Vivier, Atkin , Bolger B&B etc.

We are sole Australian agents for Swallow Boats(UK) including the BayRaider, the Australian importer and re-seller of the world renowned Bruynzeel BS1088 Gaboon Marine Plywood (Lloyds certified), Barton Marine products (UK) and Chesapeake Light Craft (USA).

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