Pax 20

Pax 20

Model:  Length:  Hull Weight:  Beam:  Max Payload:  Cockpit Size:  Paddler Weight:  Knee Height:  Max. Men's Shoe Size (US): 
Pax 20 19' 8"
5.99 m 
18 kg 50 cm 110 kg 78.5 x 43 cm 80 - 105 kg 28.5 cm 12

Model Plans and Manual Package Wood Only Kit Full Kit
Pax 20 $130 $1050 $1750

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Construction is obviously as light as is consistent with hard usage. Bottom panels are 4mm, while the sides and decks are 3mm, and the entire hull and deck are fiberglassed for strength and stiffness. Four structural bulkheads (two of them watertight) are standard. The smoothly radiused decks incorporate a flush mahogany stringer for strength and beauty.

Build this boat if:

  • You weigh 175 pounds or more
  • You are racing or sprinting in relatively smooth water
  • You are big, tall, and strong
Pax 20   Ppax 20
Pax 20   Pax 20

Denman Marine specialises in custom wooden boat building and repair. We utilise both traditional methods such as carvel or clinker and modern methods such as strip planking, cold molding or clinker plywood.

We can custom build to any design - for example those by Iain Oughtred, David Payne, Paul Gartside, John Welsford, Mark Bowdidge, Francois Vivier, Atkin , Bolger B&B etc.

We are sole Australian agents for Swallow Boats(UK) including the BayRaider, the Australian importer and re-seller of the world renowned Bruynzeel BS1088 Gaboon Marine Plywood (Lloyds certified), Barton Marine products (UK) and Chesapeake Light Craft (USA).

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