San O' Paddleboard 14

san o 14


Model: Length:  Hull Weight:  Beam:  Paddler Weight:
San O' Paddleboard 14  14' 0"
4.26 m 
11.8 kg 51 cm 70 - 90 kg
San O' Paddleboard 14
Low Volume
14' 0"
4.26 m
- 51 cm <70kg

Model Plans and manual Wood Only Kit Full Kit
San O' Paddleboard 14 and LV N/A $950 $1350

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CLC's San O's will paddle with the best of the contemporary unlimited class paddleboards, and you can build it from a kit for a fraction of the cost.

As long as there have been surfboards, there have been surfboard paddling competitions. It didn't take long for specialized "paddleboards" to be developed, and of course, races for them. Lifeguards use paddleboards and race them competitively, and in recent years paddleboard designs have evolved specifically for racing and exercise.

The San O' was developed by resident CLC surfer-dudes Stewart May and Ed Wigglesworth in concert with California paddleboard guru Larry Froley, who tested the prototypes and production models extensively in races.

The San O' has been so successful that 2006 brings the San O' 14, which fits in the 14-foot paddleboard racing class and is as fast as any of the exotic (and exotically expensive) custom boards.

The highly evolved San O' 16 paddleboard is 15' 7" long, 20 1/2" wide, and weighs about 28lbs; the San O' 14 is 14' 0" long, 20" wide, and 26 lbs. Also, we offer low-volume versions of each hull to better fit your weight.

The build-it-yourself approach makes surfers nostalgic for the era of heavy wooden surfboards built from plans, but in fact the San O' 14 and 16 use modern stitch-and-glue techniques to keep the weight very low and the assembly is easy for first-time builders.

The kits are made of beautiful okoume plywood and is assembled from a precision-cut CLC kit. The kits includes all of the pre-cut wooden parts; epoxy and fiberglass; the splash guard and pre-cut foam pad; a custom wood-epoxy skeg; breather tube, hardware, and complete assembly instructions.

san o 14   san o
san o 14   san o 14


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