Wood Duck 14

w duck 14

Model:  Length:  Hull Weight:  Beam:  Max Payload:  Cockpit Size:  Paddler Weight:  Max. Men's Shoe Size (US):
Wood Duck 14 13' 9"
4.19 m 
23.5 kg 76 cm 180 kg 125.5 x 53 cm 90 - 160 kg 16

Model Plans and manual* Wood Only Kit Full Kit
Wood Duck 14 $170 $1250 $1750

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The all-new Wood Duck 14 is a big, versatile kayak in a compact, ultralight, easy-to-build package.

The Wood Duck 10 and Wood Duck 12 have been runaway successes;  kits rarely stay on the shelf here for more than a day or two.  The Wood Duck 10 is a super-light, super-easy-to-use rec boat for anyone up to 200 pounds or so.  The Wood Duck 12 has a bigger payload and enough waterline length to cover miles with the sea kayaks.

By having designer Eric Schade add a little more volume, however, we could help out two kinds of paddlers:  those who need a really generous amount of room for comfort, or those who need the space in the cockpit for a toddler or---more commonly---a big dog.  The Wood Duck 14 is also an amazing platform for serious fishing.  Again, the cockpit is absolutely voluminous.

Because of its size, we don't recommend the Wood Duck 14 for paddlers under 200 pounds unless there is also a need for the extra-long cockpit opening.  We'd suggest a rudder for lighter paddlers.  The Wood Duck 14 is ideal for all conditions, from placid narrow creeks to open bays.

The amount of cockpit volume indicated a need for watertight bulkheads both fore and aft, so those are standard in the kit to make it easier to self-rescue.  Flush deck hatches are also standard in the kit.

  • You need a gigantic but not excessively long kayak.
  • You need a kayak that can carry a small child or a big dog in the cockpit.
  • You need a versatile and commodious fishing platform.
  • Ease of construction is important

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wood d 14   w duck 14
w duck 14   w duck 14

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