BayRaider 20

Sailing on the beautiful Lake Tarawera, New Zealand

BayRaider 20 "Puffin" built by Denman Marine on beautiful Lake Tarawera New Zealand

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Length:  19'10" (6.05m)
Beam:  6'7" (2.05m)
Weight:  Timber composite - 365kg, GRP 430kg
Draft:  board up - 9" (250mm) Down - 4'8" (1.42m)
Sail area:  183 sq feet (17 sq metres)


The BayRaider is truly an exciting development in the daysailer market and has many unique features that has made her such a popular choice for many owners. Safety has been at the forefront of the design and she has been designed in accordance with the stringent European Recreational Craft Directive and carries CE certification for wind speeds up to force 6 and significant wave heights of 2m.

The Bayraider's key safety features include high form stability, water ballast, plenty of built in buoyancy, a unique asymmetric capsize buoyancy system (ACB) which allows a single person to right the boat and a simple rig that allows a quick reduction of sail when needed. 

Since the first BayRaider was launched over 100 boats have been built and she has gone on to win a number of awards including SAIL Magazine's boat of the year award in 2012.

You can read Practical Boat Owner magazines review of the BayRaider 20 here.

Please note, we build the Swallow Yacht designs using only lightweight timber composites, for any GRP enquiries please contact Swallow Yachts directly.

Water Ballast

The BayRaider has the ability to carry 300kg of water ballast in a sub floor tank which is the equivalent of having 4 large adults lying in the bottom of the boat. The ballast can be taken on and dumped underway in a matter of minutes so if the wind pipes up it is simple to add the ballast for extra safety and when it comes time to haul her out, the ballast can be dumped before you have to haul the boat out on the trailer.

With the ballast tanks full she is very stable and has positive stability to 119 degrees which is more than many lead ballasted racing yachts. To see how hard she is to capsize with the tanks full have a look at the video below.

Ease of use

The BayRaider is very easy to setup, launch, sail and retrieve.  Too many boats take a long time to set up which makes going out for a quick sail nearly impossible.  With a little practice, you can be on the water sailing away from the boat ramp within 10 minutes of pulling up to the ramp.  The custom Dunbier multi roller trailer is a clever design that allows launching and retrieval without ever getting the hubs wet - even on shallow ramps.

Under sail, the BayRaider is very easy to operate with all controls close to the helm.  To tack it is a simple matter of letting go of the helm and she will tack herself!  The boat is also very easy to singlehand.


Don't let the traditional looks fool you, the BayRaider 20 is a real performer and is an excellent choice for mixed fleet racing or fast cruising.  She will plane off the wind with the ballast out and will reach all day at 7kts plus in 15-20kts of wind.  Here's a couple of videos showing off the boats performance.  The first one is of Hirundo, a custom BayRaider 20  with high performance rig sailing in Tasmania.  Wind speed was 8-10 kts.

This next video shows another boat Puffin that we built for a NZ client sailing in 10-15kts.


From one of our clients in Western Australia sailing in strong winds on the Swan River.  The race they were out on the water for was cancelled due to strong winds but they chose to stay out and enjoy the ride.  Here's what they had to say;

Have a look at the video below made by one of our clients in Western Australia sailing in strong winds on the Swan River.  The race they were out on the water for was cancelled due to strong winds but they chose to stay out and enjoy the ride.  Here's what they had to say;

The footage on the link below was shot when we launched for one of the Swan River Retro Races run by Royal Perth Yacht Club, the wind was blowing a solid 25 knots gusting 30 (downloaded from a river wind web site). We culled 25 minutes of footage into this 5 minute sequence. The club rescue boat can be seen around 1 minute into the video flying the “race abandoned” flag. From sailing on a tight reach we bore off and sailed down to a colleague in an Ian Oughtred Ness Yawl to tell him that the race was abandoned.

After that we decided to sail on a broad reach before gybing and heading back towards the RPYC. At about the 4 minute mark we surfed down a wave at just under 10 knots, however most of this last sequence we were in the high 7 low 8 knots.

The boat was fully ballasted, one reef and no jib hoisted. Despite this rig arrangement I was quite pleased how close to the wind we were able to sail in the initial section. Off the wind we should have lifted the centreboard then we might have achieved double figures for our speed.

It was great fun and the boat performed superbly! I guess the other characteristic of this sequence is the broad grin on my wife’s face despite the constant soaking.


Owners of the boats are also really pleased with their boats and performance. have a look at some of our owners testimonials below.


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