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At Denman Marine we always use the best materials in our boats without compromise. In 2009 after being fed up with not being able to source high quality, lightweight gaboon plywood in Australia we began an international search for a high quality marine plywood that was fully compliant to BS1088:1 2003. That search led us to France and we began importing and reselling Joubert marine plywood in Australia. The Joubert product was very well received by both amateur and professional boat builders in Australia who all breathed a collective sigh of relief that finally a high quality, standard compliant Gaboon marine plywood was available in Australia.

At the beginning of 2012 we became aware that an even better product was available that not only was certified by Lloyd's Register as being fully compliant to BS1088:1:2003 (as was the Joubert) but also carried a 10 year structural guarantee. That product is now available in Australia through Denman Marine and manufactured in Europe by 
Allin Bruynzeel.

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Many Aussie boat builders would remember that Bruynzeel brand marine plywood used to be imported into Australia many years ago and was considered by all who used it to be the highest quality available anywhere. 

Like many of the high quality plywoods we used to have available in Australia, Bruynzeel stopped being sold here - probably due to much cheaper products being available from China and south east asia. These cheaper products offer much higher margins to resellers than expensive European brands but generally fail miserably on quality.

History of Bruynzeel Plywood

Cornelius (Kees) Bruynzeel was a Dutch businessman, timber merchant and yachtsman. In 1920 he became manager of the family's timber processing factory in Zaandam, Netherlands. 

In1939, Bruynzeel began to consider alternative markets and pioneered the development of new timber materials for the production of the Bruynzeel kitchen and for boat construction. Using a newly-developed water-resistant synthetic resin glue, Bruynzeel developed a durable three-ply laminated panel similar to plywood and intended for the fabrication of external doors. 

The naval architect Ricus van de Stadt, known to Bruynzeel through the sailing fraternity, received the order to design a daysailer suitable for series production. Bruynzeel suggested that his new “Hechthout” (dutch for "plywood") laminated panel, as he called it, was superbly suited as a building material for such a sailing yacht. 

In 1939 the Valk came into being, still a popular open sailing boat in the Netherlands today with some of the original vessels still sailing. The special marine grade plywood from Bruynzeel was a perfect construction material for the project.

While this established Van de Stadt as an innovative yacht designer, Okoume marine grade plywood from Bruynzeel was also established as the new standard of the industry. 

Bruynzeel went on to commission one of the most famous ocean racers of all time - Stormvogelwhich again was built using Bruynzeel hechthout. At 70' long, Stormvogel was probably the largest pleasure vessel to be built from plywood at the time and she won many races including line honours in the 1965 Sydney to Hobart race. Stormvogel even starred in one of our well known Aussie films - Dead Calm with Nicole Kidman and Sam Neil.



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