BS1088 Marine Plywood

6 Reasons why you should purchase your BS1088 Marine plywood from Denman Marine

1. Unlike the majority of companies selling plywood, our core business is wooden boat building and we know our products and materials. 

2. Unlike the majority of companies selling plywood in Australia we are not happy to sell poor quality, non standard compliant BS1088 plywood at premium prices. We refuse to do it as we value our reputation and also the time and effort you as a client will be putting into your boat.

3. Unlike the majority of companies selling plywood in Australia every Bruynzeel plywood order is hand picked by a professional boat builder to suit your project. If you need advice on what is needed for your boat please 
to discuss your requirements.

5. Unlike the majoriy of companies selling plywood in Australia we can save you many hours on your build with complimentary advice on your project.

6. Bruynzeel Hechtout is the best quality BS1088 Gaboon plywood in Australia bar none. Bruynzeel Hechtout carries Lloyd's Register certification of standard compliance and is backed by a 10 year structural guarantee so why buy anything else?

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BS1088 Marine Plywood
Denman Marine is the sole Australian importer and of European Bruynzeel Hechthout marine plywood ..
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